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Makaton is signing and symbol use which is used alongside speech. The signs or symbols naturally reduced in use when spoken language has developed. I have been using Makaton for 23 years and completed beginners and advanced Makaton courses. Signs and symbols are used in spoken word order and the word is always used alongside. It can help individuals with no speech or unclear speech.

PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System)
Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) is the use of symbols to use single words or structure very complexed sentences to express an individuals wants or needs. There are several stages to PECS, initially assessing a child's preference and motivation for activities or items. They will then request for individual items using a single symbol. Over time the individual will learn to travel with symbols across the room, travel to where a symbol is and gain a responsive persons attention. Over time the individual may learn to use more than one symbol and learn to describe items they see or hear.

Intensive Interaction
Intensive Interaction is the process where two individuals engage and share moments together. It is used mainly with pre-verbal individuals and is the fundaments of communication. It is an important tool to use with individuals who are PMLD, SLD or the autistic spectrum. During individual intensive interaction sessions the interactive partner should be responding and reacting to individuals and their specific methods they use to communicate and will often be in a very practical, informal situation.